Fast Tailoring of Encoders for Your Application

We are a team of professionals who are developing feedback devices for precise motion measuring that focuses on customized products, flexibility, and close cooperation with clients. By working with tailor made products we are always trying to work together with our clients and partners to bring highest possible value and true co-creation process where we listen and adjust the smallest details of the feedback device.

By fast prototyping, quick and responsive technical support, cooperativeness and in-house capabilities we are able to deliver tailor-made products for various applications.

On request, our experienced engineers can modify our standard products mechanically or electrically

Optical Transmittance

Optical encoders are the most accurate of the standard styles encoders and are the dominant type of sensors in the high-resolution market. The working principle of the transmissive optical scanning is based on the light detection that propagates through the interaction of linearly moving or rotating and stationary fixed gratings. Such optical scanning configuration consists of a relatively simple optical path. However, it usually requires more space and tighter tolerances compared to the reflective scanning method.

  • Relatively simple optical path and components
  • Especially high accuracy and resolution

Optical Reflective

The principle of reflective optical scanning is very similar to the transmissive. It works by emitting light through one of the gratings and detecting reflected light from another linearly moving or rotating grating. This allows reducing physical dimensions because the light source and the photodetectors are placed on the same side. This non-contact reflective scanning setup could be easily miniaturized and the encoder assembly process can be simplified.

  • Small and compact size encoders
  • Possibility to design exposed encoders without integral bearings and coupling elements
  • Simplified encoder assembly due to released tolerances


While the optical encoders are used in applications that require high accuracy and resolution, the magnetic encoders are the best solution for applications that place importance on high reliability, environmental robustness, and small size. Due to this measuring principle’s ability to detect changes in the magnetic field, it has an excellent advantage to work in an environment contaminated with dust, oil, water, etc.

  • Robust against environment
  • High reliability
  • Small size and lightweight


In-house production and close cooperation with qualified subcontractors allow to offer a wide range of mechanical design solutions made of various materials and manufacturing methods.

  • Aluminum alloys I Stainless steel I Brass I 3D printed parts

In order to meet the quality and custom design requirements for manufactured parts, we perform specific heat and surface treatment procedures as well as various color coatings.

  • Chemical passivation I Anodic coating I Abrasive surface blasting I Laser engraving

Type & Tolerances

The tailor-made solution requires flexibility and adaptability to various applications. Therefore, we offer mechanical designs that suit most of them.

  • Exposed type encoder – for loose tolerance and zero mechanical effects
  • Hollow through or solid shaft rotary encoders for your needs
  • Integrated precision bearings and internal flexible coupling for the highest accuracy and precision
  • External spring coupling and shaft clamp for easy installation

Enviromental Conditions

Operating in real applications, measuring instruments inevitably face a wide range of environmental conditions. To ensure proper operation under any customer requirements “Precizka Metrology” encoders are specially designed and tested in harsh environments and simulated real-life situations.

  • Enclosed and sealed encoder design to ensure high ingress protection level (IP)
  • High rotation/traversing speeds
  • Shock and vibration resistance
  • High range operating temperatures



For the reliable exchange of information between encoders and subsequent electronics, we offer various interfaces for incremental as well as absolute measuring methods.

  • Analog voltage signals for incremental measuring that can be highly interpolated (~1Vpp)
  • Analog current signals for incremental position measurement (~11μAss)
  • Digitalize sinusoidal incremental position signals with or without interpolation (TTL/HTL)
  • Bidirectional serial synchronous interface for absolute position transmission (BiSS)
  • Synchronous serial interface for absolute encoder position transmission (SSi)
  • Commutation signals for block commutation transmitted as square-wave signals in TTL levels (U, V, W)
  • Other on request


We can offer various electronic signal conditioning, monitoring, and interpolation solutions that can be integrated into the tailor-made encoders or be used as a separate external electronic unit. Our experience and close cooperation with the largest manufacturers of electronic components ensure high product quality and suitability for any application.

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