Ø25mm absolute encoder


This is a high-resolution, singleturn absolute encoder with a 20 Bit BISS-C interface. The encoder consists of several optical reflectance sensors arranged at an angle of 180 degrees to each other. This allows to eliminate mechanical errors in the application, such as
the runout of the measured shaft, by using subsequent electronics.

Mechanical data

Maximum shaft speed 2000 rpm
Rotor moment of inertia < 50 x10-6 gcm²
Protection (IEC 529) IP00
Maximum weight without cable 0.01 kg
Operating temperature  -40…+70°C
Storage temperature  -40…+100°C
Maximum humidity (non-condensing) 98%
Permissible vibration (55 to 2000 Hz) ≤ 100 m/s²
Permissible shock (11 ms) ≤ 400 m/s²
Operational shock (11 ms) ≤ 200 m/s²

Electrical data

Accuracy < ± 10″
Output code Binary
Data interface Serial BiSS C
Supply voltage 5 V ± 5 %
Supply current 80 – 220 mA
Start up time 13 ms
Scan ratio of T 40 – 60%
Time lag 80 ns
Monoflop time timeout + T/2 us
Rise and fall time 4 – 15 ns


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