Ø34mm absolute encoder


This is a photoelectric absolute rotary encoder kit that can have up to 22 bit singleturn resolution and BiSS output signal interface.

Mechanical data

Airgap 1.5 +0.6 -0.1 mm
Radial misalignment between rotor and stator < 0.3 mm
Tangential misalignment between rotor and stator < 0.3 mm
Runout sensitivity (mechanical only – customer shaft) < 0.05 mm
Weight < 15 g
Ambient temperature  -40…+85°C
Relative humidity 70%RH
Vibrations operational: 3.17 G`s RMS|20:2000 [Hz] for 5 [min], along three major axes
storage: 15 G`s RMS|10:2000 [Hz] for 4 [hour], along three major axes
Mechanical shock 180 g, 20 ms, 1/2 sine, along 3 major axes in both directions
Storage time 15 years

Electrical data

Counts per turn 4.194.304 (222)
Accuracy ± 0.2 (per 360o)
± 0.1 (for partial arc of 90o)
Measurement noise (at static position) ≤ ±2LSB
Repeatibility ≤ ±2LSB
Micro-linearity error (DNL) ≤ ±4LSB
Data latency nominal value < 20 us
Data latency nominal uncertainty < 5 us
Rotation speed 5000 RPM (mechanical survival)
Up to 300 RPM – full electrical performance
Encoder input voltage 5 ±0.25 V
Current draw < 150 mA
Data output format BISS + ABZ
SSI clock frequency 1 <fclock < 10 MHz
Power up to full performance time < 20 ms
Sensors refresh rate 20 kHz
Sampling rate < 50 KHz


Order code

AR34 – X1 – X2 – X3

Adjustment (X1) Adjustment (X2) Adjustment (X3)
This is just an example of a specific tailor-made encoder kit, but there can be numerous variations with different interfaces, mechanical, electrical adjustments, etc. The client would have to cover the non-recurring engineering (NRE) cost for designing and manufacturing the encoder kit depending on the complexity of adjustments needed for the application.

Note: Please consult beforehand to confirm specific adjustments and capabilities.

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