Encoder coupling


A coupling is a device that connects two shafts for purpose of transmission motion. Coupling compensates for geometrical misalignments and axial motion of connected shafts enables the encoder to work within specified accuracy and prevents excessive bearing load. Permissible shaft misalignments must be kept within limits.

Mechanical data

Kinematic accuracy (with parallel offset ≤ 0.05 mm and angular misalignment ≤ 0.09°) ± 0.5 arc. sec.
Torsional rigidity 6000 Nm/rad
Permissible torque 1 Nm
Moment of inertia 2×10-4 kgm2
Permissible radial misalignment ≤ 0.3 mm
Permissible angular error < 1°
Permissible axial misalignment ≤ 0.2 mm
Permissible shaft speed 1000
Weight 0.25 kg


Order code

SC – X1 – X2 – X3 – X4

Model (X1) Diameter d1 (X2) Diameter d2 (X3) Length* (X4)
04 -⌀ 4mm
05 -⌀ 5mm
04 -⌀ 4mm
05 -⌀ 5mm
22 – 22mm
30 – 30mm
*only for SC30

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