New Absolute Angle Encoders Launch

Absolute angle encoders are critical components in precision motion control systems, providing exact positional information without the need for reference or home positions. Unlike incremental encoders that track position relative to a starting point, absolute encoders like AK90H and AK110 output a unique code for each angular position, ensuring immediate and accurate location data upon startup. This capability is indispensable in applications where precision is paramount, such as in robotics, aerospace, medical devices, and CNC machinery. By delivering precise angular displacement data, these encoders enable systems to achieve high levels of accuracy and efficiency in positioning and motion control tasks, significantly enhancing the performance and reliability of sophisticated equipment. The use of absolute angle encoders thus represents a fundamental technology in the advancement of automated and high-precision engineering solutions.

Like all the other encoders in our product range, AK90H and AK110 absolute angle encoders can be mechanically and electronically customized for your specific requirements. For that matter, do not hesitate to get in contact with us and,together with our R&D department, let`s find the best solution for your application. You can use any of the contact information below or simply shoot us an email: